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The Green Deal

The Green Deal allows homeowners, Landlords and tenants to have energy saving upgrades carried out in their homes, such as a new boiler or central heating system, without having to pay the money upfront.

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Instead the cost for the upgrades is paid back bit by bit through your energy bills as a low interest loan.

Because of the "Golden Rule" the repayments will not exceed the cost savings made by having the new boiler or heating system installed, which means your energy bills will not increase. In fact, your energy bills may decrease as a result of having the new boiler or heating system installed.

So if you are considering having a new boiler or heating system installed for you or your tenants home, it really is worth considering the Green Deal.

Here’s some helpful information on the Green Deal:

  • The Golden Rule is a calculation built into the Green Deal assessment to determine if the repayments for the upgrades will be more or less than the cost savings made by the upgrades. If the repayments are going to be higher than the cost savings, a Green Deal for the whole amount will not be granted.
  • The repayments for the Green Deal upgrades are automatically added to the properties energy bills and will stay with that property even if you or your tenant move.
  • There is no credit check to get a Green Deal as the loan is with the property and not the homeowner/tenant.
  • If you are a landlord, you must get your tenants consent and if you are a tenant, you must get your landlords consent.
  • You must have the installation carried out by a fully accredited Green Deal installer, even if you have already had the Green Deal approved.

The Green Deal process is as follows:

  1. Contact The Green Boiler Company and we will arrange for your Green Deal Assessment.
  2. A Green Deal assessor will visit your property and assess it’s energy efficiency, they will then recommend suitable energy efficient upgrades i.e. a new boiler or heating system
  3. Once you have decided which of the recommended upgrades you wish to have installed, The Green Boiler Company will put you in contact with a Green Deal provider who will provide you with a quote for the work and outline what the repayments are going to be.
  4. If you decide to go ahead, the Green Deal Provider will instruct The Green Boiler Company to carry out the installation and arrange for the repayments to be added to your energy bill by your energy provider.
  5. Remember, with the golden rule, you will not pay any more than you are currently and you will not have to pay a penny upfront.

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