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If the pipework in your central heating system is full of sludge, a powerflush may be the solution to the problem.

Your boiler has to stay on for much longer periods when your pipework is restricted as it takes much longer for the hot water to circulate and get the radiators up to temperature, costing you a fortune on gas!

On top of this, the radiators may never actually reach the desired temperature because there isn’t enough room in the pipework to let in the hot water.

One solution is to re-pipe the affected areas or the whole system however this may be cost prohibitive in comparison to a powerflush which is relatively inexpensive.

Once a powerflush has been carried out, you should enjoy:

  • A warmer, faster heating home.
  • Improved hot water.
  • Reduced fuel bills.

We can quote for a powerflush over the phone or online if you complete the form to the right hand side.

Contact us today and start enjoying a more comfortable home and lower fuel bills!


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