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All our bathrooms come with a manufacturer backed warranty

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We give you the exact cost upfront. What we say is what you pay.

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We offer a FREE COMPREHENSIVE GUARANTEE on all our bathroom installs. Ranging from 1 year to an unbelievable 10 years.

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We have over 20 years experience in fitting and installing new bathrooms.

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Bathroom designs have evolved and are now symbols of elegance and panache. If you are thinking of renovating your existing bathroom or building a new one, we are glad to assist. With a ton of options to choose, we are ready to be your guide in building the perfect bathroom!

At the Green Boiler Company, our philosophy is to combine your vision and our expertise, to the best bathroom installation. We believe that with our experience in the field, we can materialize your imagination into the bathroom
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New Bathroom supply and fit

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Our services.

Our Bathroom specialists are leaders in the field. They have a vision that turns ordinary bathrooms into the extraordinary. You can book a consultation with our experts, and we will address all your queries AT the comfort of your home. Our expert will understand your preferences and get back with options

Professional installations

At the green boiler company, we keep our commitments by ensuring that all our installations are in continuity with the design. All the fittings, however complicated, are taken care of to the best of our abilities.

Bathroom Design

Our team has unmatched expertise in designing and remodelling bathrooms. From site measurement, concept sketches and drawing, to virtual models, we make sure that your inputs are valued, and your queries are addressed, no matter how minute.

Bathroom supply

We take pride in the quality of our products. We source all our products from licensed distributions because we believe that we enter a covenant of trust with every customer and our prime aim to ensure the products we provide are of the utmost quality.

Why us?

Our experts understand the industry. Our team stays updated with the latest trends in bathroom design. Whenever we make a recommendation, we make sure that all the factors, internal or external, are taken into consideration.

We guarantee the best service quality. With a 20-year experience in the field, we uphold utmost regard to customer satisfaction.
All our installations are best in quality, backed with a ten-year warranty, and sourced directly, to enhance and compliment the design. Our bathrooms are known to stand the test of time!

Steps involved in installing a new Bathroom

Every architectural manoeuvre involves a series of steps. At the Green Boiler Company, you are just four steps away from the bathroom of your dreams:

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said” and that is exactly what we aim at when we sit with you. At this stage, our expert listens to your ideas and provides his input. The focus is to arrive at a solution which matches your aspirations while ensuring that the result is cost-effective.

Bathroom Installation and renovation costs

As the thought of remodelling the bathroom pops up, the very first thing that people do is google the cost, to see if it fits the budget, and sure enough, they come across webpages, which offer to do the task at hand, at a minuscule amount. It looks too good to be true, and trust us, it is. Many service providers omit individual steps and take into account just a fraction of the job. We have put together a brief guide to help you through the process because while we love surprises, this might not be a good one.

Comprehensive process

There are two ways to go about a renovation: An expert firm takes up the entire renovation, or you hire individual service providers such as plumbers, tilers and decorators to do the job. While the later may look appealing at first, it is a tedious process. The costs may look low individually, but various renovation costs will add up.

Design with installation

Some people choose to pay separately for the bathroom design and bathroom installation. Most of the times the designer aims to sell as many fixtures and fittings as possible. Here at The Green Boiler Company, we believe that a design needs to work in harmony with space. We aim to avoid gaudy looking end products and to arrive at a result that is compatible with your home. We have multiple years in installing boilers and bathrooms.

Bathroom Fitting

Most of the people who opt for individual service providers often complain about the project running too long. This happens because contractors and builders work on multiple projects at once. Few service providers disappear when in a tight spot with other clients. Here at The Green Boiler Company, we understand that the journey is as important as the goal itself. Our craftsmen are professionals with no other association. They aim to ensure quality craftsmanship as well as the professionalism of the highest standard.


Tiling determines the final look of the bathroom and is an essential aspect of the design. It should be done well, or it might end up distorting it all. You need to know that any trade-off between quality and price may end up defeating the whole purpose of renovation.

Electrical Inspection

In a bathroom, electrical work needs to be inspected accurately, for the safety of residents. You need to pay for these electric checks separately once you opt for an individual service provider. However, at The Green Boiler Company, electrical checks are included in our all-inclusive service.

Future-proofing your bathroom

The main aim of any renovation is to arrive at a bathroom which needs not be renovated any sooner. Any trade-off between quality and price may result in more expenses. A cheap alternative may look attractive in the short run, but true to its nature, a cheap product or service will not lead to long-lasting results. You may end up spending much more than what you would have spent on the slightly “expensive option”. The Green Boiler Company prides itself in the quality of service provided. We know the love you pour into everything that you do for your home, and we ensure that we exceed your expectations.

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    Here is a selection of the most common questions that are put to us by potential customers regarding our garage conversions in Glasgow:
    We understand where you are coming from. Many of our clients assume that it might be difficult or impossible to work with limited bathroom space. But trust us, there are a lot of ways to spruce up small bathroom space. The choice of colours, positioning of the equipment, and the type of installations can make a huge difference. We have garnered tremendous expertise while working with different types of spaces: big or small. Leave a message. We might surprise you!
    If this is the only bath in the house, let it be! A bath adds to the appeal and instantly makes a house cosier. You may look at purchasing a stylish shower/bath, which will serve your purpose all the while you retain an option to go for that long sock to destress after a long tiring day.
    We have come across many such poor-quality Acrylic baths that move at the slightest provocation and break away at awkward moments. Trust us when we say that Acrylic baths have come a long way since the 70s. There are very good quality Acrylic baths in the market that are as sturdy as cast iron or pressed steel variety. Let us help you with the task of identifying good quality Acrylic baths for your next remodel.
    Yes we dispose of your old bathroom suite & tiles plus all of the leftover materials & waste produced during the installation process. Our people will tidy up at the end of each day and at the end of the job to ensure that no waste is left behind. A skip may be hired (by us) for this purpose where deemed necessary.

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    "RECOMMEND‼️ 💯% Quotes were very reasonable compared to others. Were in and out in one day, RECOMMEND‼️ 💯% Quotes were very reasonable compared to others. Were in and out in one day, very courteous and professional. MOST of all ther customer aftercare is Surprisingly awsome compared to the big companies “Scottish power” ect . Thanks again guys👍🏻🔥"
    "Recently had to replace my central heating system and boiler was recommended by a friend to try Ryan . First class job turned up and complete on time big plus. Wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend"
    "refreshing to have the business owner come out to quote, really friendly with honest pricing which seems to be far to few and far between these days!"
    "Just had a boiler installed by Ryan, from the minute I started dealing with him he was so helpful and pleasant. Excellent service would highly recommend boiler is great quality and excellent value."
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