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Boiler Repair in Glasgow

Repairing a boiler is not something that anyone can do, and most of the time, professional help is the only solution. And many home owners struggle to find a reliable service that they can trust. We are proud to provide the best in class prompt repair services with an experienced team who are ready to handle even the most complex boiler issues.

Why us?

We take pride in our round the clock repair services. Each project undertaken by us is of utmost importance, and we do not compromise on service quality. We believe in permanent solutions to avoid recurrence of any problem, big or small.

Our team has gained a thorough insight into all kinds of boiler issues throughout the years on the field. We are a team of certified Gas-Safe engineers trained to repair, install, service and maintain the boiler health for greater functionality.

We are authorized installers for all the leading boiler brands. We speak from a decade long experience, and every time our team comes knocking for service, we exhibit professionalism and excellence. We can help you with a free estimate and expert advice to help you make a better decision.

The Green Boiler Company believes in offering transparent services, with no hidden fees or charges. All our repair projects are driven by, sheer knowledge, best-in-class expertise, and our passion for making your lives easy.
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New Boiler Cost

Combi Boiler from £1195

New combi boilers supplied and fitted from £1195.

Common Repair Faults

A damaged Boiler can be a reason for the extreme inconvenience, particularly in wintertime. Most of the breakdowns occur in winter when the Boilers get back to business after a prolonged inactive session. Your boiler works under immense load to keep you and your home warm. The sudden strain on your Boiler thwarts the productivity, and just when you need it up and running- It gives up.

The best thing to do while experiencing a boiler problem is to give a call to an expert. Boilers are an expensive, and vital part of your central heating system, and it is a bad idea to experiment with it on your own. Our Gas-Safe engineers are well qualified to help you get through any boiler problem. If you are confused about when to make that call, here are your cues.

No Hot water or heat
If you wake up to a cold room and colder water, your boiler needs a check. The potential cause of this issue can be a broken airlock or diaphragm, an issue with the thermostat, failure of the motorized valves, and more. You can investigate the boiler pressure or the thermostat for any visible problems. In any case, if you are not able to point it out, call us.
A broken Diaphragm, value or airlock may need a replacement. Our gas safe engineers will be able to check it out better and replace the same with authentic and warranted for components.

A boiler leak is something that you should not try fixing on your own. Any leak can potentially damage your home, and before you know it, you might have a couple of additional things to mend.
Most common causes of leakage or dripping is a broken internal component, including a pressure valve, and pump seal. If it is the pressure valve, your boiler pressure might be too high, and if it is the seal, it might need replacing.
To diagnose it better, you can call our professional team to do the needful. We can help replace any boiler part with authentic and warranted for replacement.

Has your boiler started rumbling lately? The strange noises might be a result of sludge, or limescale builds on the heat exchanger. These deposits can restrict the water flow resulting in overheating, which can then cause it to steam and boil.

If your area has access to hard water, your boiler might be more susceptible to this issue. Build-up leads to a Boiler striving harder, leading to a spike in your energy bills. To avoid shortening the boiler life, and restoring the functionality to its full glory, call our experts today.

Pilot light goes out
The pilot light is the blue flame that stays alight to light the burner. If the pilot light of your boiler is out, it might be due to a broken thermocouple which is stopping the supply of gas, a deposit builds on it, or a draught is keeping pilot light off the grid.

If you are trying to reignite the light, make sure your gas supply has got no issues. If the stopcock is on, and your other gas appliances are not working, it is time to contact your gas provider. Before trying to reignite the light, make sure to go through the boiler’s manual for safe passage.

When all of this fails to get the light back on, it is time to give your professional a call. For your safety and the safety of your property, never work on gas boilers alone without proper gear and expert help.

Less Boiler Pressure
To check the boiler pressure, all you need to do is take a look at the pressure gauge. If the needle is down, you might be facing an issue with the pressure relief valve, radiators, or there is a leak in the system.
Try to look for a visible leak first, if you find one, call us. If there is no leak, we can help by re-pressurizing the system. We can replace a part that needs replacement to get your boiler up and running in no time.

Frozen Condensate Pipe
If you own a combi, system or regular Boiler, a condensate pipe is a part of it, functioning to transport acidic water, resulting from waste gas, away from the boiler. The pipe usually runs into a drain, and during winters this pipe faces the risk of freezing.

A frozen condensate pipe prompts the boiler to display an error code or a warning notification. You can try thawing the frozen pipe with a hot bottle, warm cloth, or microwaveable heating pack. If for any reason, you are not able to access or thaw the pipe, call us, and we will provide prompt assistance.

Thermostat Issues
Is your thermostat losing its accuracy by switching the heat on/off more frequently than it is supposed to? It might be time to invest in a new thermostat. Before that, you might want to do some commonsense checks to make sure it is time. Check whether your thermostat is on and has a correct schedule.

While there is a chance that your thermostat has been knocked, it is always better to keep an eye on the thermostat functioning, to be able to make an informed decision. If you have given it your all, it is time to ask for expert advice. Call us, and we will be more than happy to assist.

Radiators are nor heating up
If your radiators are failing to heat up, it might be because of a sludge buildup. If only the bottom part of the Radiator, you might need to bleed the radiators. You can address the heating issue with some balancing. It involves adjusting the boiler valves to ensure that there is a proper water supply in place.

If you have tried bleeding the radiators and balancing them with no luck, you can call us to help you get around the issue.

Boiler Keeps Switching off
This problem can have a lot of causes including low water pressure, lack of water flow because of a closed valve, no circulation of water due to a faulty pump, or a problem with the thermostat. Our Gas-Safe engineers can help identify any such problem after a thorough evaluation and mend it for you.

Boiler Repair Charges

If your boiler is down for any reason and you need it figured out on priority, call our expert team for quality service and replacements. We guarantee a quality which is second to none and results that exceed your expectations.

Our repair costs are competitive yet economical. Our Gas-Safe engineers will evaluate any boiler problem inside out before getting down to business. Our repair services are vouched for by thousands of customers so far, and we offer value for the money you spend.

Our call-out charges stand at £50 for the first hour, and the same will be deducted from the final price right after necessary repairs and replacements are made. Our labour services are warranted for, and all the parts provided by us are covered under warranty. Call us now for prompt repair services, and we promise to be at your doorstep on time, as per your convenience.

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