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    Affordable Combi Boilers


    Boilers are essential to battle the UK winters. But for some who are trying to cut down on the budget, boilers can be a substantial investment. Hence, choosing the right boiler that meets your specific needs can help you cut down costs without compromising on comfort. the Green Boiler Company, we can help you with just that.

    Take Your Pick

    Here at The Green boiler company, you can never be short of options. Have your pick of some of the best selling combi boilers available in the UK market:

    iDeal Combi Boiler

    ideal combi boiler Glasgow

    With a SEBDUK rating of an A, these boilers are nothing short of the best. These award-winning boilers have become a household name in a short period and rightfully so. Here are some of the features of ideal boilers:

    • Ideal boilers are pocket friendly. One doesn’t need to go all out to enjoy the best quality service.
    • Ideal boilers are generally compact, which makes the repair easier. There are less pulling and tugging, which reduces the cost of repairs and services.
    • Here is a big one! Ideal Boilers come with frost-protection. Essentially, whenever the temperatures drop to a certain degree, the boiler powers to protect your pipes from freezing.
    • Ideal boilers are high efficiency and very easy to use.
    • While combi boilers come with a warranty of 2-5 years, premium models have either 7, 10- or 12-year guarantee.
    ideal combi boiler Glasgow

    Vokera Combi Boiler

    cheap combi boiler Glasgow

    Vokera has been manufacturing boilers for more than three decades. More than a million Vokera Boilers are putting smiles on a million faces.

    • Vokera boilers are pocket-friendly and come with smart controls which can improve efficiency by 5%.
    • All Vokera boilers are OpenTherm compatible. OpenTherm matches boiler temperature to that of room, by hooking it up to the thermostat. This makes Vokera Boilers more efficient.
    • Many Vokera boilers come with weather compensation. You can also add another external weather compensation to make it easier for the Boiler to adjust to the outside temperature, making it more productive.
    • You can hook Vokera boilers to the BeSMART system, which allows you to adjust your thermostat from anywhere in the world.
    • Vokera Boiler comes with two different types of cylinders, which makes them very versatile. Single coil cylinder, used in the conventional boilers, and twin coil, that can be pinned up with solar panels.
    cheap combi boilers Glasgow
    new boiler cost Glasgow
    worcester boilers Glasgow

    New Boiler Cost

    Combi Boiler from £1195

    New combi boilers supplied and fitted from £1195.

    Alternatives to buying an expensive boiler:

    Expensive does not always mean the best. Same is the case with boilers. Instead of looking for expensive Boiler, it is better to look for one that is competent and ensures durability and longevity. All the leading boiler manufacturers serve different budget categories. All you need to do is know your requirement and constraints then make a decision.

    We, at the Green Boiler Company, make it a point to offer personalised boiler solutions to our customers. Let us in on your energy consumption needs, a budget and we will get back with the best available option. You need to consider three things before making a decision.

    The Brand

    A reliable brand means you will be shelling out less money for repairs. A reputable brand comes with good fault free period, and a strong warranty backs the boiler.

    The Size

    To choose the best boiler and then keeping in unburdening means you will be considering two things. The hot water and heat capabilities that will fit you and the physical size to utilise the space you can offer.

    The Type

    You can choose from three main boiler categories, including Combination boiler, a heat-only boiler, or a system boiler. Combination boiler heats the water, and there is no need for a storage tank. Heat-only boiler is the conventional boiler, which will need a hot water tank or a cylinder to store water for later use. System Boiler is a heat-only boiler, but with a combination of other components. Takes less space and are easier to install.

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    We Guarantee: quality of work and speed of fulfilment. We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as understand people value their time and money. No worries about delays or unfinished work – it’s our warranty policy!

    Advantages Of A Combi Boiler

    A combination boiler is an advanced variant with two functions in one place. It heats water A combination boiler is an advanced variant with two functions in one place. It heats water and acts as a heat generator for your central heating system. So instead of requiring a separate hot water tank, you need one unit which can function as both. A combi boiler will heat water only when the user needs it, which allows you to save on electricity bills. In addition to that, a combi heater comes with the following features:

    • Combi boilers are comparatively compact, which means that you get that extra space without that humongous and garish boiler to hog the area. Some on these combi boilers are so compact and sleek that they will fit in your kitchen cupboard!
    • Installation is easy. You can save extra bucks because easier the installation, less money you spend on it.
    • With the Combi Boiler, you can heat water only when required, which saves energy significantly as compared to the traditional boilers, where an ample amount is spent on keeping the tank warm. Invest in a combi boiler means you are going to save on the bill too.
    • Combi heaters don’t come with a lot of pipes which gives it a sleeker and chic look. It will also save you the hassle of protecting a large number of pipes from winter frost.

    Who We Work With

    We choose our partners carefully as we chose our boilers meaning we only work with the best. We are proud of the relationships we’ve forged with the country’s leading manufactures over the years, as they have helped us give you the very best quality and service

    worcester boilers Glasgow
    cheap combi boilers Glasgow

    Our Combi Boiler Replacement Service

    Replacing a Boiler can be an intimidating task, but fear no more, with these easy steps, replacing your boiler is a cakewalk.

    Step 1

    Get in touch with us.

    Pick up that phone and dial or e-mail us. It is as simple as that! Our engineer will be at your doorstep in no time. We ensure that the engineers that reach you are from your locality, which helps us save some time. Our engineers are experts who love what they do. These are just some of the reasons why have been voted as the best replacement and repair services.

    Step 2


    Our gas engineer will visit your premises at your convenience. After our team understands your requirements, we make sure to do extensive homework, before making any boiler recommendations. Apart from a free quote, we make sure that you completely understand the reason for recommending a certain brand or Variant. We have a wide range of brands and models to choose from, which makes us sure that we will surely have a boiler specific for your needs!

    Step 3


    Our gas safe engineers will install the boiler with the utmost care and expertise. All our engineers are available round the clock, and they will visit you as per your convince. We ensure that most of the work is done in one shift, and nothing is left pending.

    Step 4

    Maintenance & Aftercare

    We have a robust customer support team, which is available for assistance at all times. You can call us with questions and queries, no matter how minuscule. We will make sure to answer your queries to the best of our abilities.

    Why Choose The Green Boiler Company

    We understand that a Boiler is a basic necessity and an equally important investment. We pride ourselves in knowing and assessing the needs of our customers. If the 15 years of experience have taught us anything, it is that one needs not to put a strain on his/her pocket to avail the basic comforts of life. Therefore, we ensure that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Our packages are tailored just to fit your budget. The boilers we offer are high performance and all the more powerful. Our team of experts here at The Green boiler company, have tremendous experience which ensures a seamless, hassle-free installation and servicing.

    Customer Reviews

    "RECOMMEND‼️ 💯% Quotes were very reasonable compared to others. Were in and out in one day, RECOMMEND‼️ 💯% Quotes were very reasonable compared to others. Were in and out in one day, very courteous and professional. MOST of all ther customer aftercare is Surprisingly awsome compared to the big companies “Scottish power” ect . Thanks again guys👍🏻🔥"
    "Recently had to replace my central heating system and boiler was recommended by a friend to try Ryan . First class job turned up and complete on time big plus. Wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend"
    "refreshing to have the business owner come out to quote, really friendly with honest pricing which seems to be far to few and far between these days!"
    "Just had a boiler installed by Ryan, from the minute I started dealing with him he was so helpful and pleasant. Excellent service would highly recommend boiler is great quality and excellent value."

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