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The Green Boiler Company is a local family run business you can rely on. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service with the highest standards in customer satisfaction being our top priority. 

Our team of local tradesmen and heating engineers has built a fantastic reputation over the years and we offer the best value on new boilers in Glasgow.

New combi boilers supplied and fitted from £1195 with full warranty!

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Why Choose The Green Boiler Company


All our boilers come with a manufacturer backed warranty

Fixed Price Quote

We give you the exact cost upfront. What we say is what you pay.

Gas Safe Approved

As a company we are Gas Safe approved (reg number 524542) all of our heating engineers are also approved as individuals.

Well Established

We have over 20 years experience working in the central heating industry in the Stirling & Glasgow area.

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    New Boiler Cost

    Combi Boiler from £1195

    New combi boilers supplied and fitted from £1195.

    "amazing service all round very nice owner, good price on our new boiler and all working well and everything explained in detail"
    "RECOMMEND‼️ 💯% Quotes were very reasonable compared to others. Were in and out in one day, RECOMMEND‼️ 💯% Quotes were very reasonable compared to others. Were in and out in one day, very courteous and professional. MOST of all ther customer aftercare is Surprisingly awsome compared to the big companies “Scottish power” ect . Thanks again guys👍🏻🔥"

    Who We Work With

    We choose our partners carefully as we chose our boilers meaning we only work with the best. We are proud of the relationships we’ve forged with the country’s leading manufactures over the years, as they have helped us give you the very best quality and service

    worcester boilers Glasgow
    cheap combi boilers Glasgow

    New & Replacement Boilers East Kilbride

    Boilers are the most common heating system in Scotland and the UK. They help us brave the chill all day every day. When your boiler makes it hard to go through a month without a repair, it is time to explore another option. Installing a boiler or replacing the old one is a decision with consequences. You do not want to compromise on the service quality, and we second that.

    Why The Green Boiler Company?

    If your boiler has been giving you trouble lately, it is time to call the Green boiler company. We are known for superior boiler replacement services with our top-of-the-line tools and best in class professionals.

    Our Team

    We are a team of Gas-Safe registered engineers who along with their proficient boiler services are more than happy to assist. Our professionals are well equipped to help you install or replace a boiler.

    "Recently had to replace my central heating system and boiler was recommended by a friend to try Ryan . First class job turned up and complete on time big plus. Wouldn’t hesitate to use or recommend"
    "Just had a boiler installed by Ryan, from the minute I started dealing with him he was so helpful and pleasant. Excellent service would highly recommend boiler is great quality and excellent value."

    Need A New Boiler Quote?​

    If your boiler's gone or simply on the blink

    call the green boiler company

    We Guarantee: quality of work and speed of fulfilment. We always stand for doing our job fast and at the highest level as understand people value their time and money. No worries about delays or unfinished work – it’s our warranty policy!

    New Boilers We Install

    When it is time to choose the best available boiler for your home or business, you are going to take a while evaluating the options. The boiler choice you make now determines the frequency of repairs you are going to opt for tomorrow. A good quality boiler today can help you save good bucks in future.

    While you are choosing a boiler, you need to be a pro at determining your heating needs first. We can help you do that. The Green Boiler company can help you evaluate your energy needs to make an informed decision. Here are some pro-pointers for your assistance.

    Heating Controls

    Boilers have advanced from being one of the complex components to a much more manageable one. The controls are made simpler for quick access with timing programs, temperature modules, Zoning control, and so much more.

    Efficient Boilers

    Best quality Boiler can help you reduce the energy bills to a considerable extend. The boiler you choose should be more of a long-term investment wherein you can save on energy bills, repair costs without having to compromise on the quality. A-rated boilers should be your preference when shopping for one.

    Extra Space

    You can choose a boiler variant based on available space. You can opt for compact boilers or the bulkier ones, depending upon the amount of space you can spare.

    kw Output

    The choice of a boiler depends upon your heating and hot water needs. The output needs to suffice the number of radiators and bathrooms. If your home or business has got higher kW output needs, it is best to opt for a boiler of the same calibre.

    Reliable Boiler Installers

    Nobody can afford frequent breakdowns and repairs. A boiler from a reputed make can help you escape any inconvenience and can also help keep the repair expenses in check. You do not want to wake up shivering just any day. We, at the Green boiler company, can help you with boilers from the best manufacturers, and you would not want to think twice.

    New Boiler Options

    Our team, at the Green Boiler Company, can help you replace and install the best quality boiler any time as per your convenience. We can offer our installation and replacement services for Combi Boilers, system boilers and conventional boilers. The boiler options that we provide are known for the standard and quality breakthroughs. We can help you with:

    worcester boiler installation Glasgow
    worcester boilers Glasgow

    Worcester Combi Boilers (gold)

    The Green Boiler Company is one of the accredited installers for Worcester Bosch Boilers. Each Boiler from the Worcester is recommended for reliability and quality. The boiler line comes with a no-quibble 5-year guarantee, and the same can be extended to ten years. With simple control and unparalleled performance, Worcester Bosch Boilers score well with customers. Our team vouches for the Worcester’s reliable and energy-efficient boiler variants.

    ideal combi boiler Glasgow
    ideal combi boiler Glasgow

    iDeal Combi Boilers (silver)

    Ideal has been one of the top-notch boiler manufacturers and has quite recently bagged the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. We are accredited to install the ideal boiler variants, most of which are endorsed by the Energy Saving trust. Ideal boilers come with a warranty period ranging from two to seven years with the additional benefit of extended warranties.

    If you are looking for professional Ideal boiler replacers, We are at your assistance. Feel free to call us and ask for a free quotation today.

    cheap combi boiler Glasgow
    cheap combi boilers Glasgow

    Vokera Combi Boilers (bronze)

    Vokera by Riello is known for its energy-efficient heating solutions, and their boilers are a live testimonial to their commitment of quality and reliability. The Vokera boilers are known for their significantly low carbon footprint and can help you save up to a third on your energy usage.

    We at Green Boiler company can help you replace your boiler professionally with the best in town Vokera Boiler variant. Contact us to know more.

    Signs You Need A New Boiler;

    Increased Energy Bills

    If your energy supplier bills are on a spike, it could be because your boiler is not working efficiently. To know better, you can call us for an expert opinion, and our professionals will let you know about the problem impacting efficiency.

    Not Staying Hot

    Has it been a challenge getting rid of the Goosebumps on a harsh cold day? If you find it troublesome to maintain constant heat temperature inside your home or office, your boiler might be the reason why. Your best bet would be to let an expert investigate it for you.

    Heating Lag

    If it has been a while since you switched on your heating system and there is no warmth so far, you might want to call it a day and switch to a better boiler. Modern boilers produce heat instantly with minimum waiting time and who would not want that?


    If your boiler is making strange clunking or whirring noises, it might be a good time to let an expert in. It might be your boiler screaming the end of its lifecycle, and you might have to install a new boiler for better results.


    A leaking boiler requires immediate action. The water can damage your house, and in some rare cases, the leak disperses carbon monoxide, which is highly dangerous. If you notice a faint smell coming out of your boiler, Call us for priority service.

    New Boiler Reduces Energy Bills

    A new Boiler can reflect positively on your energy bills. Modern boilers are energy efficient, and the reason is that most of the top boiler variants are condensing boilers. The big heat exchangers recover more heat and can stop the heat from escaping from the flue.

    We at the Green Boiler Company understand the importance of saving money and the boilers we install can help you do just that. In some time after the installation, the realised savings can exceed the initial cost of your boiler.

    Fewer Boiler Repairs

    When a boiler gets old, it becomes faulty. You might need to change a thing or two, now and then, plus the service cost to get it up and running is extra. In addition to the inconvenience, your financial position might take a hit as well.

    A new boiler, like the variants available in the market today, is durable. There will be less unscheduled maintenance costs and therefore, less financial burden.

    Eco Efficient Boilers

    If convenience and reliability are not reasons enough to go for a Boiler replacement, there are more convincing ones. New boilers save money due to higher energy efficiency as compared to older models.

    The efficiency of the Boilers can be grouped into the conventional A-G rating system or the more recent percentage system. A-rated boilers are most sought in energy efficiency domain and are more than 90% efficient. You are in for a treat with reduced energy bills.

    Ways To Save Money On Heating

    Our customers are our family. We do not give up just after replacing a Boiler. Our team makes sure to follow-up. Our customer service team facilitates service reminders keeping the boiler good and running. We monitor the functioning for a while, to avoid frequent repair costs resulting from inattention and negligence.

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